Top 5 International Food Photographer Awards

What a great year 2016 was for awards! Monthly awards are collected and the year results are now in.  I came 5th, which I am pretty pleased with.  Big thanks to the chefs of brilliance who are the real creators behind the images I shoot.


international food photographer of the year top 5

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Chef Adam Bennett scoops awards

It’s wonderful shooting with chefs who I’ve worked with for years and Chef Adam Bennett is one of those.  We now have a great understanding and respect for both the dishes Adam creates and how I can best capture them in camera.

Here, the crockery was full of texture, the plates full of colour and flavour and the images award winning! _thecross-beetr_9083_1476270500

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Corrigan’s Chef Alan Barrins wins awards

Loved shooting at Corrigan’s Mayfair with Alan Barrins – the results were loved by the international food photographer awards as well!


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Chocolate heaven

What’s better than chocolate? Lots of chocolate. This shoot was a dream. Andy Blas, former Executive Pastry chef at Cafe Royal created some stunning chocolate. Seasoned by Chefs Magazine commissioned this shoot which won an award a few months later. Fudge, raspberries, moulds and edible gold paint…what a shoot!


Bryn Williams’ Strawberry Pannacotta

Love these delicate little wild strawberries nestled next to a cute pannacotta – the asymmetry of the jelly pleases me no end!


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Luke Tipping’s Monkfish & Carrot

Love this dish shot at the newly refurbished Simpsons in Birmingham. With the refurb has come a distinct menu change and I shot this last month and it won a little award too.  The dish is served with dill oil. Tasty.


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Dorset Apple Cake at Chewton Glen

Awards time again and really thrilled that this image of some tasty Dorset Apple Cake surrounded by gorgeous herb flowers grown in their garden has won.


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Smokin’ Wagyu

I shot this image at the new M Restaurants in Victoria with Chef Mike Reid and so thrilled that it’s picked up an award.  Unbelievably, we only needed one take, even though the textures were so beautiful I wanted to shoot it again and again!


Chick pea soup with goats cheese, dill

I’m the proud owner of another International Food Photography Award – super pleased!

Lello Favuzzi at L’Anima London created this gorgeous dish, true Italian country food perfect for this British ‘summer’ we’re having!JODI HINDS 3 copy